service offering

f – re – i

You have 7 ( s-e-v-e-n ) seconds to make a meaningful impression. People rarely see you in person first, they see your brand and judge accordingly. Make it count.

Assisting start-ups and established businesses to invent- or re-invent themselves & along the journey ensuring that I keep my own colour alive by creating a collection of hand-made goods.


New business (es) or start-up clients who need a complete brand establishment / solution;

If you are new to this game & pondering to establish yourself,  this is the perfect business solution for you. I will help you bring your brand vision to life, one step at a time.


Business(es) / clients who desire a brand overhaul & nurturing.

Do you own a business? When last did you audit your look and feel, if ever?

Does it live up to 2020 standards?

Maybe it is time to give a brand overhaul a go…


Illustrations & product collection. Custom / Commissions.

A collection of illustrations {fully customisable in colour and size} bring joy to my everyday life. Commissions/custom orders welcome.  If I don’t draw, I make jewellery or look into new product developments to add to my collection.